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Adrian Georgescu, 09/23/2009 02:41 pm

= SIP Settings API =

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Is possible read and write various SIP account settings by making one shot HTTP requests. When you access the SIP settings page the server prompts for the SIP account credentials which are then associated with a web session. To perform one shot HTTP requests to access this API you must use a client X.509 certificate to authorize the request, there is no long lived session.

API address

To access the API the HTTP client must connect to the following address:


Client Certificate

Use the web settings page and navigate to Info tab. Download the certificate in the format supported by your HTTP client.

The .p12 file contains the same certificate stored in a way that can be loaded by web browsers like Safari on MacOSX or Firefox. To unlock the .p12 file you must use the password for your SIP account.

API calls

You can test all API commands by using the '''curl''' command line utility as follows:

curl -k -E https://blink.sipthor.net/settings.phtml?export=1&action=name

The following actions are supported: {{{
1. Return the SIP aliases: {{{
1. Return the ENUM numbers: {{{
1. Return the last incoming and outgoing calls: {{{
1. Return the prepaid balance and active prepaid calls: {{{
1. Return the history of prepaid balance: {{{
1. Return the curent monthly usage: {{{
1. Return the list of diversions: {{{
1. Return the list of accept rules: {{{
1. Return the list of reject rules: {{{
1. Return the voicemail settings: {{{

1. Return the account information: