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Adrian Georgescu, 06/04/2013 01:00 pm

Data Storage Policy

SIP2SIP is server infrastructure that relays information and stores information. If you are concerned about privacy of your own data and how it is used below you find an overview about it:

SIP Accounts

Accounts information is stored in the platform database. SIP account and SIP Settings web page passwords are stored in encrypted form in the database.

SIP Traces

All SIP signaling is stored in cleartext for the last 30 days in platform databases.

Call Detail Records

Call Details Records are stored for up to six months in clear text format in platform databases.

Offline Messaging

SIP Messages stored for later delivery are stored in cleartext format in the platform database.

Chat Messages

MSRP sessions are done over TLS connection via the platform MSRP relay servers. The content of the messages is not logged or stored anywhere.