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Included with the library, a set of command line tools are available for setting up audio, instant messaging (IM) and file transfer sessions, publish and subscribe to presence or other type of events. The command line tools require the a configuration file that defines at least one SIP account. For the description of the configuration file see [wiki:SipConfiguration Configuration] chapter. You can obtain a SIP account from a SIP service provider or you can setup your own SIP infrastructure using the following elements:

OpenSIPS http://opensips.org
OpenXCAP http://openxcap.org
MSRP Relay http://msrprelay.org
SIP chatserver http://chatserver.ag-projects.com
SIP account

The simplest way to start is to obtain a free SIP account at http://sip2sip.info

Register * [wiki:sip_register sip_register] - REGISTER a SIP end-point with a SIP Registrar Audio sessions * [wiki:sip_rtp_audio_session sip_audio_session] - Setup a voice audio session (Voice over IP) * [wiki:sip_message sip_message] - Send/receive text in page mode using SIP MESSAGE method Instant messaging * [wiki:sip_msrp_im_session sip_im_session] - Setup IM sessions using MSRP protocol * [wiki:sip_message sip_message] - Send/receive text in page mode using SIP MESSAGE method File transfer * [wiki:sip_msrp_im_session sip_im_session] - Receive a file using MSRP protocol * [wiki:sip_send_file sip_send_file] - Send a file using MSRP protocol Presence * [wiki:sip_publish_presence sip_publish_presence] - PUBLISH presence to a SIP Presence Agent * [wiki:sip_subscribe_presence sip_subscribe_presence] - SUBSCRIBE to presence information * [wiki:sip_subscribe_winfo sip_subscribe_winfo] - SUBSCRIBE to watcher list on a SIP Presence Agent XCAP policy * [wiki:xcapclient xcapclient] - PUT/GET/DELETE full or partial documents on an XCAP server * [wiki:xcap_pres_rules xcap_pres_rules] - Manage content of pres-rules XCAP document RLS services * [wiki:sip_subscribe_rls sip_subscribe_rls] - SUBSCRIBE to lists managed by Resource List Server * [wiki:xcap_rls_services] - Manage content of RLS services XCAP document Desktop sharing * [wiki:sip_desktop_sharing sip_desktop_sharing] - Share desktop using VNC protocol