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Included with the library, a set of command line tools are available for
setting up audio, instant messaging (IM) and file transfer sessions, publish
and subscribe to presence or other type of events.

You need a SIP account from a service provider or to setup your own SIP infrastructure using the following elements:

OpenSIPS http://opensips.org
OpenXCAP http://openxcap.org
MSRPRelay http://msrprelay.org
SIP chatserver http://chatserver.ag-projects.com

You can register a free SIP account at http://sip2sip.info

The command line tools require the presence of a configuration file ~/.sipclient/config.ini that contains at least one SIP account. Each SIP account definition contains the credentials and other settings. For a full description of the configuration file and its settings is available in the [wiki:SipConfiguration Configuration] chapter.

The following command line tools are available:

Register * [wiki:sip_register sip_register] - REGISTER a SIP end-point with a SIP Registrar Audio sessions * [wiki:sip_rtp_audio_session sip_audio_session] - Setup a voice audio session (Voice over IP) * [wiki:sip_message sip_message] - Send/receive text in page mode using SIP MESSAGE method Instant messaging * [wiki:sip_msrp_im_session sip_im_session] - Setup IM sessions using MSRP protocol * [wiki:sip_message sip_message] - Send/receive text in page mode using SIP MESSAGE method File transfer * [wiki:sip_msrp_im_session sip_im_session] - Receive a file using MSRP protocol * [wiki:sip_send_file sip_send_file] - Send a file using MSRP protocol Presence * [wiki:sip_publish_presence sip_publish_presence] - PUBLISH presence to a SIP Presence Agent * [wiki:sip_subscribe_presence sip_subscribe_presence] - SUBSCRIBE to presence information * [wiki:sip_subscribe_winfo sip_subscribe_winfo] - SUBSCRIBE to watcher list on a SIP Presence Agent XCAP policy * [wiki:xcapclient xcapclient] - PUT/GET/DELETE full or partial documents on an XCAP server * [wiki:xcap_pres_rules xcap_pres_rules] - Manage content of pres-rules XCAP document RLS services * [wiki:sip_subscribe_rls sip_subscribe_rls] - SUBSCRIBE to lists managed by Resource List Server * [wiki:xcap_rls_services] - Manage content of RLS services XCAP document Desktop sharing * [wiki:sip_desktop_sharing sip_desktop_sharing] - Share desktop using VNC protocol over MSRP transport