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= Testing =

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To test SIP SIMPLE client SDK, you can use the Command Line Tools provided by the '''sipclients''' package. The Command Line Tools are compatible with MacOSX and Linux only.

== Configuration ==

Manage global and SIP account settings used by middleware and Command Line Tools

* [wiki:sip_settings sip-settings]

== Accounts ==

To use the Command Line Tools software you need at least one SIP account.

By default the Bonjour account is enabled and set as default. Using Bonjour account, you can initiate outbound sessions and receive incoming session on the local LAN.

To use the Command Line Tools on the public Internet, you must setup at least a public SIP account.

You can register a public SIP account for free at

To add a new SIP account: account as follows:

sip-settings -a add user@domain pasword

If you have multiple accounts, account you can set the default as follows: follows::

sip-settings -a default user@domain

It is recommended that you set the outbound proxy for the configured account to the SIP server address provided by the SIP service that provided the account. This typically facilitates the NAT traversal for media sessions that go outside of the local domains served by the SIP service provider that issued the account. Example for a account:

sip-settings -a set

== Register ==

You can use this script to Register a SIP end-point with a SIP Registrar or broadcast the local SIP URI using Bonjour mDNS.

* [wiki:sip_register sip-register] - REGISTER a SIP end-point with a SIP Registrar or detect Bonjour neighbours

== Audio ==

You can use these script to receive or initiate audio sessions.

* [wiki:sip_audio_session sip-audio-session] - Setup a single SIP audio session using RTP/sRTP media
* [wiki:sip_session sip-session] - Setup one or more SIP sessions with Audio (RTP/sRTP), IM and File Transfer (MSRP)

== Instant Messaging ==

You can use these script to receive or initiate IM sessions or to send and receive Short Messages.

* [wiki:sip_session sip-session] - Setup one or more SIP sessions with Audio (RTP/sRTP), IM and File Transfer (MSRP)
* [wiki:sip_message sip-message] - Send and receive short messages in paging mode using SIP MESSAGE method

== Presence ==

You can use these scripts to Publish, Subscribe and handle incoming Notifies to and from a Presence Agent or manage documents on an XCAP server.

* [wiki:sip_publish_presence sip-publish-presence] - PUBLISH presence to a Presence Agent
* [wiki:sip_subscribe_winfo sip-subscribe-winfo] - SUBSCRIBE to the watcher list for given SIP address on the Presence Agent
* [wiki:sip_subscribe_presence sip-subscribe-presence] - SUBSCRIBE to Presence Event for a given SIP address
* [wiki:sip_subscribe_rls sip-subscribe-rls] - SUBSCRIBE for Presence Event to a list managed by a Resource List Server
* [wiki:sip_subscribe_xcap_diff sip-subscribe-xcap-diff] - SUBSCRIBE for xcap-diff Event to monitor changes to XCAP documents
* [wiki:sip_subscribe_mwi sip-subscribe-mwi] - SUBSCRIBE for Message Waiting Indicator
* [wiki:xcap_directory xcap-directory] - Show the XCAP documents stored in the XCAP server for the given account
* [wiki:xcap_icon xcap-icon] - Stores and retrieves the icon for the given account
* [wiki:xcap_pres_rules xcap-pres-rules] - Manage the content of the pres-rules XCAP document
* [wiki:xcap_dialog_rules xcap-dialog-rules] - Manage the content of the dialog-rules XCAP document
* [wiki:xcap_rls_services xcap-rls-services] - Manage the content of a RLS services XCAP document