SIPIT 26 Stockholm

  1. Fixed xcap digest authentication with CounterPath client (OpenXCAP)
  2. Fixed ICE negotiation when ice info is session based and not stream based
  3. ICE negotiation results in sip-session
  4. Fixed detection of ICE offer from CounterPath
  5. Support for ICE parameters in session level
  6. Mandatory sRTP worked with CounterPath works
  7. MSRP transport is not honored when using the Relay
  8. Cannot open alert device on Debian/Ubuntu, caused by alsa sharing
  9. STUN server address is not checked if is an IP address (sip-settings)
  10. Random crash 50% on Ubuntu 10.04 with Python 2.6
  11. -MSRP receiving end-point must be active based on active/passive lines. do not use the relay -
  12. When ICE is enabled, Add Contact parameter for REGISTER (RFC5768):