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h1. SIP/XMPP Gateway

The goal of this project is to implement a bidirectional signaling and media gateway for Presence, Instant Messaging including multi-party chat, Audio, Video and File Transfer between SIP and XMPP protocols. This research and development project is part of the WormHole Project sponsored by "NLNet and AG Projects":



h2. Deployment Scenario

By pointing the correspondent DNS records for the SIP and XMPP services to the address of the gateway, any packet sent to or connection established to the gateway by one of the protocols is transparently translated into the other.

h2. Specifications and Standards

* SIP (RFC3261) and related RFCs for ICE, RTP, MSRP (too many to mention)
* XMPP core (RFC 6120)
* XMPP extensions
* Instant Messaging and Presence
* File Transfers
* Audio and Video Jingle
* Audio and Video Jingle RTP
* Audio and Video Jingle ICE (UDP)
* Delivering Conference Information to Jingle Participants

h2. Gateway Specifications

* "XMPP - SIMPLE Presence":
* "XMPP - SIP Message":
* "XMPP - MSRP Chat":
* "XMPP - MSRP Group Chat":

h2. Progress Report

The software is in active development and progress announcements will be made on "SIP beyond VoIP": mailing list

* "Software Library Analysis": - Completed
* "Gateway Design": - Completed
* "SIP-XMPP Chat": - Completed
* "SIP-XMPP Presence": - Under development
* "SIP-XMPP Multi-party Chat":
* "SIP-XMPP Jingle Audio":
* "SIP-XMPP File Transfer ":
* "SylkServer": XMPPGW application Packaging - Under development