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== SIMPLE server SIMPLE-XMPP gateway ==

The goal of this projects is to implement:

=== XMPP Gateway ===

implement a bidirectional gateway for Presence and IM between SIP and XMMP protocol based on the following IETF specifications:


==== == Implementation Requirements ==

* For integration with operating system [ python-application]
* SIP SIMPLE client library from
* The server must be non blocking based on a asynchronous reactor (e..g twisted)
* XMPP library: to be determined and/or developed

Usage Scenario ==== ==

The gateway will be used by [ Blink]. End users will add a Contact in their Contact lists in the form of user@domain. Using SIP Subscribe Method the user will subscribe to the presence state of the recipient. The user should not need to know if the remote user uses SIP or XMPP protocol for IM and Presence. The SIP Proxy/Registrar of the user will decide if the remote user uses XMPP and will forward the request to the gateway.

=== Multiparty Chatserver ===

This is a conference server that can mix Audio, MSRP and SIP MESSAGE.

* MSRP ad-hoc multi-party chat sessions draft-ietf-simple-chat-05
* A Framework for Conferencing with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) RFC4353
* Conference Event Package RFC4575
* Audio mixer