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= Device Configuration =

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There are thousands of SIP devices on the market, for how to configure them we advise you to consult the support forum of the device manufacturer. Do not open a ticket related to how a particular device is configured.

Setup your SIP application software or hardware device as follows:

== Credentials ==

Credentials are used for authentication and authorization of SIP requests performed by the SIP device.

|| Username || XXX||
|| Password|| YYY||
|| Domain||||

* Replace XXX with your username and YYY with your password received during the registration of your SIP account
* Always register
* Set the Registration refresh interval to 600 seconds

[wiki:SipDevices Specific SIP devices configuration]

== Outbound Proxy proxy ==

|| Outboud proxy ||||

Though optional, is recommend that you always use the outbound proxy setting as this helps the NAT traversal and your device remains always reachable.

== XCAP root ==

If you use SIP SIMPLE presence you need to set XCAP root:

|| XCAP root || ||

== MSRP Relay relay ==

If you use SIP SIMPLE instant messaging based on MSRP, a relay is available for helping traverse the NAT. You need to use the relay if you are the receiving party and you are behind a NAT-ed router. The MSRP relays can be found in the DNS by using SRV lookup for