Contacts List Management

Blink Pro 1.9.0 and Blink Lite 1.7.0
Added by Adrian Georgescu over 9 years ago

Blink contact management has been completely refactored starting with Blink Pro 1.9.0 and Blink Lite 1.7.0.


  • Faster load at start
  • Faster processing for merging XCAP changes
  • XCAP documents are fetched in parallel

User Interface

  • New Edit Contact panel to manage all new features
  • Subscription policy can be managed easily inside the edit contact panel
  • New button for creating Contacts, Groups and scrolling to a particular Group
  • Cmd L Shortcut to collapse/expand the current group
  • Drag and drop possible from Contacts from Address Book Group to Blink Groups
  • Merge Contacts when drag and drop a Contact on top of another
  • Move Contacts when drag and drop between Groups
  • Address Book addresses are aggregated per Contact
  • Right click on Contact to start session to any address part of the Contact
  • Address Book Contacts can be added to the Contacts List
  • LDAP results can be added to the Contacts List
  • LDAP results can be appended to existing Contacts
  • Contact can be edited when right click on its Favourite entry


  • Each Contact can have multiple addresses
  • Each address can have a type
  • Each Contact can be present in multiple groups or no group


  • New Groups added for contacts with no groups and all contacts
  • Groups can be collapsed and expanded using Cmd-L shortcut

Backup and Restore

  • All Contact attributes are preserved
  • Groups and Contact group membership are part of the backup
  • Automatic weekly backup
  • Automatic backup when migrating from a previous (< 1.9.0) Blink version

XCAP Storage

  • All changes are serialized and multiple clients can perform concurrent changes on other attrributes of same Contact
  • Multiple changes are performed atomically in a transaction
  • Implemented OMA specifications
  • Contacts are now ready to handle Presence and Dialog Events (roadmap)