Contacts List Management

Blink Pro 1.9.0 and Blink Lite 1.7.0
Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 12 years ago

Blink contact management has been completely refactored starting with Blink Pro 1.9.0 and Blink Lite 1.7.0.


  • Faster load at start
  • Faster processing for merging XCAP changes
  • XCAP documents are fetched in parallel

User Interface

  • New Edit Contact panel to manage all new features
  • Subscription policy can be managed easily inside the edit contact panel
  • New button for creating Contacts, Groups and scrolling to a particular Group
  • Cmd L Shortcut to collapse/expand the current group
  • Drag and drop possible from Contacts from Address Book Group to Blink Groups
  • Merge Contacts when drag and drop a Contact on top of another
  • Move Contacts when drag and drop between Groups
  • Address Book addresses are aggregated per Contact
  • Right click on Contact to start session to any address part of the Contact
  • Address Book Contacts can be added to the Contacts List
  • LDAP results can be added to the Contacts List
  • LDAP results can be appended to existing Contacts
  • Contact can be edited when right click on its Favourite entry


  • Each Contact can have multiple addresses
  • Each address can have a type
  • Each Contact can be present in multiple groups or no group


  • New Groups added for contacts with no groups and all contacts
  • Groups can be collapsed and expanded using Cmd-L shortcut

Backup and Restore

  • All Contact attributes are preserved
  • Groups and Contact group membership are part of the backup
  • Automatic weekly backup
  • Automatic backup when migrating from a previous (< 1.9.0) Blink version

XCAP Storage

  • All changes are serialized and multiple clients can perform concurrent changes on other attrributes of same Contact
  • Multiple changes are performed atomically in a transaction
  • Implemented OMA specifications
  • Contacts are now ready to handle Presence and Dialog Events (roadmap)