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= Description =

[[Image(htdocs:SIPSIMPLE-client.png, align=right, nolink)]]
SIP SIMPLE client is Python software library built on top of PJSIP that
together with middleware allows for easy development of Client/Server and
Peer-to-Peer Internet communications end-points based on SIP SIMPLE family
of protocols for voice, video, presence, instant messaging (IM) and file
transfer capabilities.

The software is provided under the [source:LICENSE GPL LICENSE]

The goal of this project is to deliver the best open source Python library
for rich featured SIP end-points, while hiding the complex underlying
functionality behind an easy to use high-level application-programming
interface. This package supports to the SDP negotiation, audio codecs and
NAT traversal functionality provided by PJSIP and will thus deliver rich
communications combining instant messaging (IM), voice and video streams. It
also supports file transfer and multi-party chat sessions using MSRP
protocol, publication and subscription for rich presence information such as
availability, moods, activities and geo-location, management for presence
rules, resource lists, RLS services using XCAP protocol.

== Background ==

SIP stands for 'Sessions Initiation Protocol', an IETF standard described by
[ RFC 3261]. SIP is an application-layer control protocol that can establish,
modify and terminate multimedia sessions such as Internet telephony calls
(VoIP). Media can be added to (and removed from) an existing session.

SIP transparently supports name mapping and redirection services, which
supports personal mobility, users can maintain a single externally visible
address identifier, which can be in the form of a standard email address or
E.164 telephone number regardless of their physical network location.

SIP allows the endpoints to negotiate and combine any type of session they
mutually understand like video, instant messaging (IM), file transfer,
desktop sharing and provides a generic event notification system with
real-time publications and subscriptions about state changes that can be
used for asynchronous services like presence, message waiting indicator and
busy line appearance.

== Features ==

The software allows you to create elegant real-time communications applications without having to read [ the +1200 RFC documents] behind it.

As a library with a high-level [wiki:PyPJUADesign API], the toolkit can be used to add voice, IM
and Presence functionality to any network devices as long as Python/C
environment is supported by such platform.

Additional to the SIP standards implemented by the underlying PJSIP library,
this project implements:

* XCAP protocol [ RFC4825]
* MSRP protocol [ RFC4975]
* MSRP protocol relay extension [ RFC4976]
* Rich Presence Information Data model and Format (RPIDF) [ RFC3856], [ RFC3863 ], [ RFC4479]
* XCAP-diff event package [ draft-ietf-simple-xcap-diff-09]
* Watcher-info [ RFC3857], [ RFC3858]
* Conference [ RFC4575]
* Message summary [ RFC3842]
* Presence rules [ RFC5025]
* Resource-lists and RLS-services [ RFC4826]
* PIDF manipulation [ RFC4827]
* Bonjour multicast DNS [ draft-lee-sip-dns-sd-uri-03]
* Locating SIP services [ RFC3263]
* MSRP ad-hoc multi-party chat sessions [ draft-ietf-simple-chat-03]

== Installation ==

SIP SIMPLE client [wiki:Installation installation guide].

== Documentation ==

* SIP/SDP/RTP SIP library [wiki:PyPJUADesign API] documentation
* [wiki:MiddlewareDesign Middleware design]

== Testing ==

SIP SIMPLE client is closely developed together with and tested against the most popular SIP SIMPLE server software available today: [ OpenSIPS], [ OpenXCAP] and [ MSRPRelay]. Included with the library, a set of command line tools are available for setting up audio, Instant Messaging and file transfer sessions, publish and subscribe to presence or other type of events.

* [wiki:sip_register sip_register] - REGISTER a SIP end-point with a SIP Registrar
* [wiki:sip_rtp_audio_session sip_audio_session] - Setup a voice audio session (Voice over IP)
* [wiki:sip_msrp_im_session sip_im_session] - Setup IM session and File transfer using MSRP protocol
* [wiki:sip_message sip_message] - Send/receive text in page mode using SIP MESSAGE method
* [wiki:sip_publish_presence sip_publish_presence] - PUBLISH presence to a SIP Presence Agent
* [wiki:sip_subscribe_presence sip_subscribe_presence] - SUBSCRIBE to presence information
* [wiki:sip_subscribe_winfo sip_subscribe_winfo] - SUBSCRIBE to watcher list on a SIP Presence Agent
* [wiki:sip_subscribe_rls sip_subscribe_rls] - SUBSCRIBE to lists managed by Resource List Server
* [wiki:xcapclient xcapclient] - PUT/GET/DELETE full or partial documents on an XCAP server
* [wiki:xcap_pres_rules xcap_pres_rules] - Manage content of pres-rules XCAP document
* [wiki:xcap_rls_services] - Manage content of RLS services XCAP document

== Support ==

The project is developed and supported by [ AG Projects] via the wiki collaboration system available at To request support you must open a ticket. To open ticket please [/register Register] first. The source browser and ticketing system are available only for registered users.

If you wish to contribute and become an active developer of this project, send your request by email to