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Adrian Georgescu, 10/29/2009 10:47 pm


<acronym title="SipTesting*, sip_*, depth=2">TOC</acronym>

=== Description ===

'''sip_session''' script is a show-case for the powerful features of SIP SIMPLE software development kit related to establishing, modifying and terminating SIP sessions with multiple media types like VoIP, IM and File Transfer.

The script has the following features:

1. Registers with a SIP registrar and is available for incoming sessions
1. Handles outgoing SIP sessions with combinations of media types based on RTP and MSRP protocols including NAT traversal using ICE and MSRP relay extension
1. Switches between multiple sessions and provides in-call controls like Hold and Mute
1. Provides control for the input, output and alert audio devices
1. Records the RTP audio streams (input, output or combined)
1. Enable text input and output for Instant Messaging sessions
1. Provides File Transfer capability with progress indicator
1. Gives access to real-time traces of involved protocols (DNS, SIP and MSRP)

=== Example ===

Using account
> /help
General commands:
/call {user[@domain]}: call the specified user using audio and chat
/audio {user[@domain]} [+chat]: call the specified user using audio and possibly chat
/chat {user[@domain]} [+audio]: call the specified user using chat and possibly audio
/send {user[@domain]} {file}: initiate a file transfer with the specified user
/next: select the next connected session
/prev: select the previous connected session
/sessions: show the list of connected sessions
/trace [[+|-]sip] [[+|-]msrp] [[+|-]pjsip] [[+|-]notifications]: toggle/set tracing on the console (ctrl-x s | ctrl-x m | ctrl-x j | ctrl-x n)
/rtp [on|off]: toggle/set printing RTP statistics on the console (ctrl-x p)
/mute [on|off]: mute the microphone (ctrl-x u)
/input [device]: change audio input device (ctrl-x i)
/output [device]: change audio output device (ctrl-x o)
/alert [device]: change audio alert device (ctrl-x a)
/echo [+|-][value]: adjust echo cancellation (ctrl-x < | ctrl-x >)
/quit: quit the program (ctrl-x q)
/help: display this help message (ctrl-x ?)
In call commands:
/hangup: hang-up the active session (ctrl-x h)
/record [on|off]: toggle/set audio recording (ctrl-x r)
/srecord [on|off]: toggle/set audio recording to separate files for input and output
/hold [on|off]: hold/unhold (ctrl-x SPACE)
/add {chat|audio}: add a stream to the current session
/remove {chat|audio}: remove a stream from the current session
Available audio input devices: None, system_default, Built-in Input, Built-in Microphone
Available audio output devices: None, system_default, Built-in Output
Using audio input device: Built-in Microphone (system default device)
Using audio output device: Built-in Output (system default device)
Using audio alert device: Built-in Output
Type /help to see a list of available commands.
2009-10-29 22:42:14 Registered contact "sip::50150" for sip: at;transport=udp (expires in 600 seconds).
Other registered contacts:
sip::49569 (expires in 423 seconds)
Detected NAT type: Port Restricted