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Adrian Georgescu, 04/09/2010 04:35 pm

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The software has undergone in the past years several interoperability tests at [http://www.sipit.net SIPIT] and today is of industry strength quality.

The software is stable and all implemented features are known to be working properly.
Image(sipsimple-progress.png, width=300, align=right)

Stable Version

The Debian package versions of the current stable release are:

'''Package Name''' '''Version'''
python-sipsimple 0.14.0
python-msrplib 0.11.1
python-xcaplib 1.0.11
python-eventlet-0.8 0.8.11-1
python-greenlet 0.4
sipclients 0.14.0
Trunk Version

The trunk is now (2010-04-09) stable and recommended for anyone that wishes to use the library. Known issues are listed in the [http://sipsimpleclient.com/report tickets interface].

The SIP stack is based on pjsip 1.0 version with relevant patches from later versions applied.



Progress Timeline

The overview of the [/roadmap?show=all achieved milestones] for what has been implemented so far:

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