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Adrian Georgescu, 03/15/2009 01:33 pm

= Project status =

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The software is in a beta stage where most of the implemented features from the roadmap work, features and improvements are rolled out as they are developed.

  • The software dependencies ([https://lists.secondlife.com/pipermail/eventletdev/ eventlet], [http://openxcap.org xcaplib], [http://msrprelay.org msrplib]) and patches to external libraries (PJSIP, greenlet) are in the process of being integrated into their own development trunks.
  • The final event driven middleware API and its documentation is due to be released on May 1-st, 2009.
  • The command line tools are currently migrated to use the new [wiki:SipSettingsAPI settings API].
  • [/roadmap?show=all Achieved milestones]
  • [source:TODO] - Current roadmap

Porting to Windows will be addressed once all APIs are considered to be stable.

Below is a rough visual representation of the progress for the road-mapped components.

Image(sipsimple-progress.png, nolink)

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