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Adrian Georgescu, 02/22/2009 08:28 pm

= Installation guide =

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Supported platforms

Currently i386, amd64 and ppc architectures have been tested and are fully supported on the following operating systems:

  • Linux
  • MacOSX
  • FreeBSD

Porting to other operating systems (like Windows, Symbian and iPhone OS) should be possible as long as Python environment and [http://www.pjsip.org/sip_media_features.htm#platforms PJSIP] are supported by that platform. The

MSRP library is not yet fully working on ARM processors.

Software location

You should install preferably the trunk version, which is updated and tested on a daily basis on MacOSX and Debian/Ubuntu distributions. The source code is managed using [http://darcs.net darcs] version control tool. The darcs repository can be fetched with:

darcs get http://devel.ag-projects.com/repositories/python-sipsimple

To obtain the incremental changes after the initial get, go to the sipsimpleclient directory and run:

cd python-sipsimple
darcs pull

Building instructions

Building instructions for the corresponding platforms are available at:

  • [source:docs/INSTALL.linux INSTALL.linux]
  • [source:docs/INSTALL.osx INSTALL.osx]
  • [source:docs/INSTALL.freebsd INSTALL.freebsd]
Upgrade instructions * [browser:docs/Upgrade.txt Upgrade guide] How to un-install * [browser:docs/UnINSTALL.txt Uninstall guide]