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[[Image(https://secure.dns-hosting.info/images/SipThorNetwork-sip2sip.php,width=400, align=right, link=http://www.ag-projects.com/SIPThor.html)]]

SIP2SIP is high availability SIP service distributed in three data centers located in the Netherlands. You may use this service to register a free SIP account that allows you to communicate using audio and video over the Internet using the SIP protocol. The account is Presence/IM enabled with support for relevant SIP SIMPLE standards for MSRP relay extension, Presence Agent, XCAP and RLS services.

To register a SIP account go to http://sip2sip.info

To create SIP addresses under your own domains, register or transfer your Internet domains at https://secure.dns-hosting.info. On the same platform you can provision your DNS zones and records required for SIP services and create your own SIP accounts. The number of SIP addresses you may create is limited by a fair use policy dependent on the general use of the platform.

Features * Publicly reachable SIP address * Works behind any type of NAT router (beware that Firewalls of [http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Routers+SIP+ALG SIP ALGs] may still block your SIP traffic) * Parallel forking to multiple devices * Support for presence based on PUBLISH method, XCAP storage and RLS services * Support for instant messaging (IM) based on MSRP and MSRP relay extension * Voice and video, codec agnostic * T.38 and G.711 passthrough fax support * ENUM routing based on lookups under e164.arpa * Call forwarding for Busy, Unavailable, Not online, Meeting * Accept calls based on time of day and time zone * White list and black list for incoming callers Usage * [wiki:SipDeviceConfiguration How to configure your SIP device] * [wiki:SipSettings How to change your server settings] * [wiki:SipTesting How to use your SIP account] SIP SIMPLE software

[wiki:SipSoftware List of SIP SIMPLE software applications]


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