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Adrian Georgescu, 04/19/2009 12:20 pm

= Welcome to SIP2SIP =

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SIP2SIP is high availability SIP service distributed in three data centers located in the Netherlands. You may use this service to register a free SIP account that allows you to communicate using audio and video over the Internet using the SIP protocol. The account is Presence/IM enabled with support for relevant SIP SIMPLE standards for MSRP relay extension, Presence Agent, XCAP and RLS services.

Register an account

Go to http://sip2sip.info

Account features * Publicly reachable SIP address * Works behind any type of residential NAT (beware that Firewalls of SIP ALGs may still block your SIP traffic) * Parallel forking to multiple devices * Support for presence based on PUBLISH method, XCAP storage and RLS services * Support for instant messaging (IM) based on MSRP and MSRP relay extension * Voice and video, codec agnostic * T.38 and G.711 passthrough fax support * ENUM routing based on lookups under e164.arpa * Call forwarding for Busy, Unavailable, Not online, Meeting * Accept calls based on time of day and time zone * White list and black list for incoming callers SIP device configuration

How to configure your SIP software or hardware.

[wiki:SipDeviceConfiguration Configure SIP device]

SIP account usage

How to use your SIP account.

[wiki:SipTesting Testing your account]

SIP account settings

How to change your SIP account settings stored on the SIP server.

[wiki:SipSettings Changing SIP account settings]

Domain registration

To create SIP addresses under your own domains, register or transfer your Internet domains at https://secure.dns-hosting.info. The number of SIP addresses you can create is limited by a fair use policy dependent on the general use of the platform.

SIP SIMPLE software

[wiki:SipSoftware List of SIP SIMPLE software applications]