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= Welcome to SIP2SIP =

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SIP2SIP is high availability SIP service distributed in three data centers located in the Netherlands. You may use this service to register a free SIP account that allows you to communicate using audio and video over the Internet using the SIP protocol. The account is Presence/IM enabled with support for relevant SIP SIMPLE standards for MSRP relay extension, Presence Agent, XCAP and RLS services.

Register an account

Go to http://sip2sip.info

Account features * Publicly reachable SIP address * Works behind any type of residential NAT (beware that Firewalls of SIP ALGs may still block your SIP traffic) * Parallel forking to multiple devices * Support for presence based on PUBLISH method, XCAP storage and RLS services * Support for instant messaging (IM) based on MSRP and MSRP relay extension * Voice and video, codec agnostic * T.38 and G.711 passthrough fax support * ENUM routing based on lookups under e164.arpa * Call forwarding for Busy, Unavailable, Not online, Meeting * Accept calls based on time of day and time zone * White list and black list for incoming callers Configure your account

Setup your SIP software or hardware device as follows:

=== General ===

  • Username: XXX
  • Password: YYY
  • Domain: sip2sip.info
  • Outboud proxy: proxy.sipthor.net

Replace XXX with your username and YYY with your password received during the registration of your SIP account.

=== XCAP root ===

If you use SIP SIMPLE presence you need to set XCAP root:

=== MSRP relay ===

If you use SIP SIMPLE instant messaging based on MSRP, a relay is available for helping traverse the NAT. The relay is found in the DNS using SRV _msrps._tcp.sip2sip.info

How to use your SIP address * To test audio sessions, call 3333, you should hear some music playing * To test microphone call 4444, you should hear your echo back * You may call to any other SIP account user@domain * To access your voicemail or mailbox settings dial *70 * Your voice messages are delivered to * To review your call go to https://secure.dns-hosting.info/CDRTool * To test multi-party instant messaging using MSRP setup a MSRP session to How to change your settings

Login to the settings page http://x.sip2sip.info with your SIP credentials: * SIP address: * Password: YYY

Domain registration

To create SIP addresses under your own domains, register or transfer your Internet domains at https://secure.dns-hosting.info. The number of SIP addresses you can create is limited by a fair use policy dependent on the general use of the platform.

PSTN outbound

To make calls to PSTN destinations add credit to your SIP account at http://x.sip2sip.info?tab=prepaid

To dial a PSTN destination dial +NUMBER. The NUMBER must be a fully qualified E.164 number (country code + network number + subscriber number). First an ENUM lookup is attempted. If a SIP destination is found, the call will be routed to it, if ENUM lookup does not return a valid SIP address, the call is directed to a PSTN gateway. To use the PSTN gateway you must have a positive credit. To add credit for your account login to the SIP settings page and click on Credit tab.

Price list for dialing to PSTN destinations is available [https://secure.dns-hosting.info/sip2sip_rates.html here]. The call costs are logged in the Credit section of your [http://x.sip2sip.info SIP settings page].

PSTN inbound

As you own a publicly reachable SIP address, you may receive calls from any SIP device that knows your address including a PSTN gateway. You can receive calls from PSTN if you own a telephone number (not provided by this service) and if the SIP gateway provider that handles that number can translate that number into your SIP address. Technically if you number is in public ENUM e164.arap tree you can simply map your ENUM number to your SIP address. Any ENUM ready gateway will be able to automatically find the SIP address you configured for your ENUM number.

SIP SIMPLE platform software

If you plan to offer a similar SIP service, you can setup your own SIP infrastructure using the following elements:

OpenSIPS SIP server http://opensips.org
OpenXCAP Policy server http://openxcap.org
MSRPRelay MSRP media relay http://msrprelay.org
!MediaProxy RTP media relay http://mediaproxy.ag-projects.com
CDRTool Rating engine http://cdrtool.ag-projects.com
!CallControl Prepaid engine http://callcontrol.ag-projects.com

Or purchase a commercial solution like [http://ag-projects.com Multimedia Service Platform]

SIP SIMPLE software clients
SIP SIMPLE client http://sipsimpleclient.com MSRP, XCAP, RLS Cross-platform client library, SDK, command line tools
Mercuro IMS http://www.mercuro.net/ MSRP, XCAP, RLS Fully featured GUI, Windows only
Eyebeam and Bria http://counterpath.com XCAP Cross-platform, fully featured GUI