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[[Image(https://mdns.sipthor.net/images/SipThorNetwork-sip2sip.php,width=500, align=right, link=http://www.ag-projects.com/sip-thor-products-291)]]

SIP2SIP is free SIP service that provides a SIP account that can be used for applications beyond Voice over IP. The service is [http://ag-projects.com/SIPThor.html distributed in multiple data centers] for high availability and scalability purposes.

You may use this service to communicate using audio, video and instant messaging using the SIP protocol. The SIP account is Presence/IM enabled with support for relevant SIP SIMPLE standards for MSRP relay extension, Presence Agent, XCAP and RLS services.

Features * Publicly reachable SIP address in the format * NAT traversal using ICE, RTP relays and MSRP relays * SIMPLE Presence (PUBLISH, XCAP and RLS) * Transparent end-to-end for the SIP end-points (codec agnostic) * ENUM routing under e164.arpa and e164.org TLDS * Multi-party conferencing with wide-band audio, IM, File Transfer http://sylkserver.com Enrollment

To create a free SIP account go to http://sip2sip.info


SIP2SIP is a free service provided by [http://ag-projects.com AG Projects]. You can request support by opening a ticket in the support interface. The access to the support interface is described in the Support tab of your [http://x.sip2sip.info?tab=support SIP account settings]. Please provide relevant information about your problem. You can read more about [wiki:SipCommonProblems Common Problems] and how to use your SIP account in the other sections of this wiki:

  • [wiki:SipDeviceConfiguration How to configure your SIP device]
  • [wiki:SipSettings How to change your account settings]
  • [wiki:SipTesting How to use your SIP account]
  • [wiki:SipDelete How to request deletion of your account]