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h1. Description


SIP2SIP is free SIP service that provides a SIP account that can be used for any applications using RTP and MSRP media. The service is "distributed in multiple data centers": for high availability and scalability purposes.

You may use this service to communicate at least using audio, video and instant messaging and file transfers. The SIP account is Presence/IM enabled with support for relevant SIP SIMPLE standards for MSRP media, Presence Agent, XCAP and RLS services.

h2. Features

* Public SIP address under
* Audio and Video (RTP, sRTP, zRTP)
* IM and File Transfers (MSRP relay support)
* Contacts Management (XCAP protocol)
* NAT traversal including ICE support
* Conferencing for IM and Wideband audio
* Gateway to and from XMPP

h2. Single Account Enrollment

To create a free SIP account go to

h2. SIP Domain enrollment

* [[DomainEnrollment|How to create SIP account under your own domain]]

h2. Support

SIP2SIP is a free service with no support.

For how to use your SIP account in the other sections of this wiki:

* [[SipDeviceConfiguration|How to configure your SIP device]]
* [[SipSettings|How to change your account settings on the server]]
* [[SipTesting|How to use your SIP account]]
* [[SipDelete|How to request deletion of your account]]