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= Description =

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SIP2SIP is free SIP service that provides a SIP account that can be used for applications beyond Voice over IP. The service is [ distributed in multiple data centers] for high availability and scalability purposes.

You may use this service to communicate using audio, video and instant messaging using the SIP protocol. The SIP account is Presence/IM enabled with support for relevant SIP SIMPLE standards for MSRP relay extension, Presence Agent, XCAP and RLS services.

== Features ==

* Publicly reachable SIP address under domain
* NAT traversal using ICE, RTP relays and MSRP relays
* Audio and Video codec agnostic
* ENUM routing under and
* Multi-party conferencing with wide-band audio, IM and File Transfer

== Enrollment ==

To create a free SIP account go to

== Support ==

SIP2SIP is a free service. service provided by [ AG Projects]. You may can request support if you encounter a problem by opening a ticket in AG Projects the support interface. As this is a free service, do not expect miracles, we allocate resources to attend problems we consider relevant so do not complain if no one answers for your particular issue. The access to the support interface is described in the Support tab of your [ SIP account settings]. Please provide relevant information about your problem. You can read more about [wiki:SipCommonProblems Common Problems] and how to use your SIP account in the other sections of this wiki:

* [wiki:SipDeviceConfiguration How to configure your SIP device]
* [wiki:SipSettings How to change your account settings on the server]
* [wiki:SipTesting How to use your SIP account]
* [wiki:SipDelete How to request deletion of your account]