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= Device Configuration =

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There are thousands of SIP devices on the market, for how to configure them we advise you to consult the support forum of the device manufacturer.

Please do
Do not open a ticket related to how a particular device must be is configured.

Setup your SIP application software or hardware device as follows:

== SIP Credentials ==

SIP Credentials are used for authentication and authorization of SIP requests performed by the SIP device.

|| Username || XXX||
|| Password|| YYY||
|| Domain||||

* Replace XXX with your username and YYY with your password received during the registration of your SIP account
* Always Register
* Set the Registration refresh interval to 600 seconds

[wiki:SipDevices Specific SIP devices configuration]

== SIP Outbound Proxy ==

|| Outboud proxy ||||

Though optional, is recommend that you always use the outbound proxy setting as this helps the NAT traversal and your device remains always reachable.

Some poorly implemented SIP devices are not able to determine the address of the proxy. Here are the details that you could enter manually:

|| Host ||||
|| Port || 5060||
|| Protocol || UDP ||

== XCAP root ==

If you use SIMPLE presence you need to set XCAP root:

|| XCAP Root || ||

== MSRP Relay ==

If you use SIMPLE instant messaging based on MSRP, a relay is available for helping traverse the NAT. You need to use the relay if you are the receiving party and you are behind a NAT-ed router. The MSRP relays can be found in the DNS by using SRV lookup for