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= Solving Problems =

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This page lists frequently encountered problems and how to report or solve them.

Device Configuration

There are thousands of SIP devices on the market, for how to configure them we advise you to consult the support forum of the device manufacturer. Do not open a ticket related to how a particular device is configured.

Session Failures

CDRTool application provides web access to the call detail records, SIP and RTP traces of your sessions. To report a problem about failed sessions:

  • Login using your SIP account credentials to [ CDRTool application] and isolate the session in question. Click on the Id field of the call detail record. The CDR expands and it reveals the Session id.
PSTN Quality

If you experience poor quality to PSTN destinations, we can report the problem to our upstream gateway providers. There is no guarantee that a PSTN termination problem will or can be solved but it helps us improve the service quality if we know when and what fails.

Incorrect Rating

If you consider that you have been charged incorrectly for a PSTN outbound call you can request a refund. Please provide the session id when you open a ticket. You can locate the cost for each session and a link to the session details in the Credit tab of your [ SIP account settings].


For the payments you make with your credit card the following rules apply:

  • We will refund your payments in the first 30 days without any question if you have not used the credit. If you have used partially your credit we wil refund the remaining balance and charge a 5 USD administration fee
  • We can guarantee the deposits you make for a period of 365 days from the date of purchase
Delete Account

If you wish to delete your account, login in the support interface using your credentials and request to delete your account. The support interface credentials and address are found in the support tab of your [ SIP account settings].