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h1. SIP Domain Enrollment

You can create a limited number of SIP accounts under your own Internet domain as follows. The usage is based on a fair use policy and no support is provided. Do not complain that the SIP service does not work with some SIP devices, consult with the device manufacturer forum for this.

h2. Account setup

* "Register a login account at SIPThor Net platform":

h2. DNS setup

For anyone to be able to communicate with your addresses using SIP protocol, they must be able to find the SIP server that serves your domain. For this to happen you must add certain records to the DNS zone for your domain at the entity that manages these records. These DNS records are describe here:

<pre> 3600 IN NAPTR 30 100 "s" "SIP+D2U" "" 3600 IN NAPTR 10 100 "s" "SIP+D2T" "" 3600 IN SRV 100 100 5060 3600 IN SRV 100 100 5060

Replace with your own domain name.

In the description below the words *domain* and *zone* mean the same thing in different contexts.

h3. Domain served by a third-party

Provision the DNS records described above into the DNS zone managed by the third party. Go to step *SIP setup*

h3. Domain delegated to *SIPThor Net* with SIPThor Net

You can have your Internet domain registered with a third party and have the DNS records belong to your domain managed by *SIPThor Net*. SIP Thor Net. At the domain service provider where you have registered your Internet domain, you can delegate the administration of the DNS records belonging to your Internet domain to *SIPThor Net* SIP Thor Net name servers by changing the existing adding NS records to the following name servers:


Then follow Follow the step *DNS zone served by SIPThor Net*

h3. Domain registered by SIPThor Net

First register or transfer an Internet domain to "SIPThor Net":

This will allow you to manage the DNS records for your domain as explained at the step below.

h3. DNS zone served by *SIPThor Net* SIPThor Net

* Go to the *DNS zones* DNS zone section and "add your domain":
* Click on *Records* Records link for your *DNS zone* DNS zone
* Select "*IP TCP Transport* and click add.
* Select *SIP UDP Transport* and click add.

h2. SIP setup

* "Add your SIP domain in the SIP domain section":
* "Add you SIP accounts under SIP account section":