WebRTC service

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 9 years ago

We are currently enhancing our infrastructure to allow web applications to connected as a regular SIP client. Stay tuned...

Blink SIP client for SIP2SIP

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A new version of Blink SIP client for SIP2SIP has been released.

Version 2.0.0 for OSX is the most complete SIP implementation in the world today. The following real-time media is supported:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Presence
  • Chat
  • File Transfer
  • Screen sharing

Interoperability with foreign XMPP domains is provided by SIP2SIP for audio, chat and presence.

To install the software go to

PSTN gateway unavailable for SIP2SIP (15 comments)

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 11 years ago

It seems like our PSTN gateway provider went out of business and we were left holding the bag (GRN VoIP). We are working on finding another PSTN termination partner. The balances stored in SIP2SIP platform will remain unchanged, no money was lost.

I apologise for this and keep you posted.

News: September 4th: We have a new PSTN carrier now. Please provide feedback about quality.

Adrian Georgescu

Special Blink Qt Edition for SIP2SIP (2 comments)

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 11 years ago

This version of Blink Qt for Microsoft Windows is integrated with SIP2SIP and features ultra-wideband OPUS codec and acoustic echo cancelation.

SIP Client Features

  • SIP2SIP account
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Ultra-wideband audio (OPUS codec 48kHz)
  • Wideband audio (G.722 and Speex codecs)
  • PSTN audio (G711, GSM and iLBC codecs)
  • Multiparty Conferencing
  • Google contacts integration
  • DTMF, Hold, and Recording
  • sRTP encryption
  • Contacts Management (XCAP protocol)
  • SIMPLE Presence (RLS Subscriptions)

SIP Service Features

  • TLS encryption
  • Contacts sync between multiple devices
  • Presence sync across multiple devices
  • Access to SIP server account settings web page
  • PSTN termination (paid option)
  • Interoperability with Jingle domains (

To download go to:

SIP2SIP conference bridge now has OPUS codec

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 11 years ago

SIP2SIP conference bridge now with OPUS codec and PSTN access number

TLS port changed to 443

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 11 years ago

To increase the chance of connecting to the SIP server in adverse conditions imposed by the presence of SIP ALG enabled routers, we switched the default TLS port to 443.

If your SIP Client uses DNS for resolving server addresses, there is no need to change anything on the client side.

Special Blink Cocoa Edition for SIP2SIP

Added by Adrian Georgescu about 11 years ago

This version of Blink for Mac OSX is integrated with SIP2SIP and features ultra-wideband audio support and OPUS codec.

SIP2SIP Data Privacy and Storage Policy now available

Added by Adrian Georgescu about 11 years ago

SIP2SIP Presence functionality launched (2 comments)

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 11 years ago

SIP2SIP has been updated to provide Presence functionality based on SIMPLE Working Group standards (namely RLS and XCAP) and interoperability with XMPP domains.

The functionality is delivered by a Presence Agent collocated with the SIP Proxy/Registrar that handles RLS subscriptions and XCAP server for document storage of contacts and presence rules.

Implemented standards

  • SIP Specific Event Notification (SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY methods) RFC3265
  • SIP Extension for Event State Publication (PUBLISH method) RFC3903
  • SIP Event Notification Extension for Resource Lists Contact Information Extension to PIDF RFC4482
  • Presence Data Model (PIDF) RFC3863, RFC3379, RFC4479
  • Watcher-info Event Package RFC3857, RFC3858
  • Common Policy RFC4745 and Presence Rules RFC5025 (with support for external references specified by OMA org.openmobilealliance.pres-rules)
  • Resource Lists RFC4826 (with support for external references specified by OMA)
  • RLS Services RFC4826 and RLMI document handling RFC4662
  • PIDF manipulation RFC4827
  • XCAP Protocol RFC4825
  • XCAP Diff RFC5874



  • Any SIP client that implements SIMPLE standards and org.openmobilealliance.pres-rules XCAP auid should work with SIP2SIP accounts
  • Any remote SIP entity, whether client or server from a remote domain that implements SIMPLE standards should interoperate with SIP2SIP service

Note. Mixing different SIP SIMPLE clients under the same account is not desirable due to the XML content that is stored differently by different clients


SIP2SIP provides for SIP addresses under domain transparent interoperability for IM (using SIP MESSAGE method), Chat sessions (using MSRP sessions), Presence and Multiparty conferencing (MUC) with XMPP clients from external domains.

XMMP domains list is currently statically configured and will be extended to any remote domain that is configured for handling XMPP in the DNS.


The XMPP gateway is described in detail here:

Sample XCAP documents

Available software

Presence clients

Blink client has been designed to interoperate with SIP2SIP service. The mechanics of interacting with SIP2SIP is described at:

The versions compatible with SIP2SIP are 2.0.2 (Cocoa version) and 0.3.0 (Qt version).

Presence servers

The functionality currently implemented by SIP2SIP is available in the current pushed to the development trunk of OpenSIPS and OpenXCAP

XMPP interoperability is provided by SylkServer

Using your own Internet domain with SIP2SIP infrastructure

Added by Adrian Georgescu almost 12 years ago

You may use your own Internet domain to create SIP accounts by following these instructions:

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